Friday, March 4, 2011

Mardi Gras Shoebox Parade

Our homeschool group had a mardi gras shoebox float parade. I was not feeling very creative with how I would use a shoe box or cereal box to make our float. Luckily the English muffin box sparked a little bit and the inside box is a no boil lasagna box. I let my son choose the colors. he is not my crafty child, but I still think he did a good job. I did help him paint and changed the bead plan after he crashed and just painted them on. I asked him to pic a character for his float and I truely think he picked up the first thing he saw. A duck with a duckling on it's back. Must be a kid's float ;-) Oh my, I did not realize my son looked so out of it in this picture :( Here he is with his float before the "parade"
placing their "floats" on the stage. There were so many really neat ones. I should have gotten a picture of the taller girl's float. She painted a picture from Wicked and Phantom. She and her mom said that she is not a painter, her float was beautiful and the paintings were perfect!! Oh, and I just have to say I LOVE the HUGE American flag in the background :)
My son's float. His was in the more simple group, but I still like the way it turned out :)

My boys had a blast playing with something as simple as balloons. the younger two just ran around with them and the eldest played football with the other boys. Which ironically, or maybe not. The boys there played football, the girls sat and ate, talked, or did the crafts...Oh to have a girl...
At least my middle child loves crafts, so much that he decorates our walls for us without us even asking ;-)
Baby brother wanted in on the fun too, though he really just grabbed at things, hey, he tried :)

The extent of his plate, a brownie, and chocolate and cream cheese king cake!!

And this is why we have high chairs!! he was climbing all over. When we got home, I thought my middle child was getting something out of the car and as I come around it was my 16 month old climbing in the drivers seat to "play"

he is my kid, all about the chocolate :) Not sure if he ate more or if more is on his face...

My "nut job" (newest nick name for him, he is a hoot) decorating his mask. He loved the craft table.
My craft little boy!! he and I are going to have so much fun together as he gets older. need to try a finger painting recipe from Under the Sycamore, he finger painted our tv with peanut butter last night ;-)
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