Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Wreath

I am going to have to look up the link for this one and edit the post later, but I saw this pretty cherry blossom wreath idea, and this is my take on it. I love how simple and pretty it is...

Painting with a Twist

I got to have a mommy night!! My friend and I went to a place called Painting with a Twist. It was a little stressful, but still fun and the end result was worth it, come to find out our first was prob one of the harder ones. And it looked to be an easier one... We started with a blank canvas. They had our paint all ready for us, they did let me get a different background color so that it would match the boys' monkey bathroom (more of that to come...) First we were told to draw a straight line to seperate the canvas, like how straight my line was ;-)

then step by step they took us through the drawing, there were so many lines and grey spots from errasing, they promised us that it would look bad before it got better :) I forgot to take pictures from there, but here is the end result and you can kind of see their painting in the back ground :)
Oh, I will be linking up all the posts after I get the boys to bed ;-) And that is a pic of my boys above ;-)

Lent Eggs

I saw this Easter countdown idea over at Eighteen25, and thought I would have it pertain more to the real reason for the season...I also painted the egg carton so that we weren't staring at egglands best all season ;-) Inside the carton is a little bit of Easter grass and some old plastic eggs with numbers on them...I found a Lenton countdown and printed off the sheets and then typed the prayers included...Inside each egg is the prayer, that we are supposed to recite throughout the day. I put the strips on the refridgerator so we can see them and the eggs and binder with the sheet on top. We are actually behind. I need to get black ink so we can get caught up, which seems to be the story of my life... More completed craft posts to come :)

sick little man

Well, we were supposed to have a busy day, but my youngest woke with a fever of 100.3. Though the Motrin has kicked in, we are still staying home most of the day. So, I figured I should post all my crafts I have completed. So get ready for a few posts :) I have new furniture, a new door wreath, some decorations for my room, and some scrap pages. Am currently working on a wreath for the babies' room, and also some art stuff for their room with pictures and posters, those will be posted when complete and their shelf is up too :)

Keep a look out...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fleece doughnuts

a little while back someone asked about fabric food patterns on a facebook group I am on. Thus the watermelon I rencently made. Well, as I was looking at the archives to tatertots and jello, she posted about an etsy shop that had had some real fun felt food. I decided I wanted to make more for my boys, especially my middle child. I posted the blog post on fb and a friend sent me a bunch of links. The first link started with doughnuts, so I decided to do the same. In that blog, she had picked up a dunkin doughnuts bag to put them in. Well, we don't have a DD, but do have a KK (Krispy Kreme). So I decided the boys and I HAD to go buy a dozen so I wouldn't feel like a dork asking for a clean box. Because I use fleece a lot for costumes for my boys, I use my huge stash of fleece scraps.

The doughnut's tutorial was linked at the original blog to Skip to my Lou.

Since my middle child picked the St Patrick's Day doughnuts, at first I was going to go with 12 holiday themed doughnuts, but decided to do colors instead. He just turned 3, and does not have his colors straight, so figured I would do a double wammy and make them educational too :)

though, I have adorable crochet eggs, I plan to make more, and include some fleece ones too, just cause I can :)

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Irish Wreath

So, I should be cleaning or feeding my kids, but instead am surfing tatertots and jello. I did decide to multi task and upload my project I finished yesterday. i saw the idea on one of her check this out blogs. It is a fabric wreath.

This is the wreath as it was completed yesterday morning. It looked too plain for my liking so I ran back to Hobby Lobby, not sure if it being so close is a good thing!! But I took it with me and went to their St Patrick's Day area. There were so many different signs to choose from. In this style they had Lucky and Irish, I love Irish :) It was a perfect fit too. I then went and grabbed a roll of ribbon to hang it. Did not like the hanger showing. Am so proud of this one :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mardi Gras Shoebox Parade

Our homeschool group had a mardi gras shoebox float parade. I was not feeling very creative with how I would use a shoe box or cereal box to make our float. Luckily the English muffin box sparked a little bit and the inside box is a no boil lasagna box. I let my son choose the colors. he is not my crafty child, but I still think he did a good job. I did help him paint and changed the bead plan after he crashed and just painted them on. I asked him to pic a character for his float and I truely think he picked up the first thing he saw. A duck with a duckling on it's back. Must be a kid's float ;-) Oh my, I did not realize my son looked so out of it in this picture :( Here he is with his float before the "parade"
placing their "floats" on the stage. There were so many really neat ones. I should have gotten a picture of the taller girl's float. She painted a picture from Wicked and Phantom. She and her mom said that she is not a painter, her float was beautiful and the paintings were perfect!! Oh, and I just have to say I LOVE the HUGE American flag in the background :)
My son's float. His was in the more simple group, but I still like the way it turned out :)

My boys had a blast playing with something as simple as balloons. the younger two just ran around with them and the eldest played football with the other boys. Which ironically, or maybe not. The boys there played football, the girls sat and ate, talked, or did the crafts...Oh to have a girl...
At least my middle child loves crafts, so much that he decorates our walls for us without us even asking ;-)
Baby brother wanted in on the fun too, though he really just grabbed at things, hey, he tried :)

The extent of his plate, a brownie, and chocolate and cream cheese king cake!!

And this is why we have high chairs!! he was climbing all over. When we got home, I thought my middle child was getting something out of the car and as I come around it was my 16 month old climbing in the drivers seat to "play"

he is my kid, all about the chocolate :) Not sure if he ate more or if more is on his face...

My "nut job" (newest nick name for him, he is a hoot) decorating his mask. He loved the craft table.
My craft little boy!! he and I are going to have so much fun together as he gets older. need to try a finger painting recipe from Under the Sycamore, he finger painted our tv with peanut butter last night ;-)
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