Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Love Studio J

I am a traditional scrapper at heart. I love to go from a bunch of squares and pictures and have something created. But with the state of my house, my craft room especially, and the fact that I have over 2,000 printed photos to scrap, I have decided to do some digital scrapping of my photos I have not ordered. Close to My Heart has an awesome digital program for the digital beginner like me. No clue if I have a good photo editing program, no time to learn something new that is remotely compicated, and really just wants to get things done. With Studio J, you can play for free, though by becoming a member you get more options, pay less for prints and can either order jpegs of your projects or get them free with your print order. You also get free shipping once a month on up to 20 layouts (double page!! so 40 pages), page protectors, and they have exclusive specials.
Really it is quite simple to use. You crete a user acount and then you can play away. Nothing needs to be downloaded to your computer. You upload the pictures you want to use. You can add more later if you want to. Then you choose your paper packs. There are a lot to choose from and they all match the traditional paper that the company sells, plus some extras for members.Once you have picked your papers you choose your layout, there is drop down to say how many pictures you have. Keep in mind you can later change elements like I did on a few of mine where I needed more photo space.Next you pick one of six layouts wher they have taken the kit you have chosen and rearranged the papers used so that you can pick which one best matches your photos. Another thing you can change around once you get into your project if you would like.After clicking continue you, you drag and drop your photos. You can also rotate the pages or elements. If you want the paper facing another way you can change that, you can add or delete elements. But the pages also look great the way they set them up for you.Moving onto journaling and embleishments, you just click on he items, and can edit the text, change the color, have it fit your text to the space, and even change the text. Then you click on your embelishments, and choose the colors you want. They show you which colors are in the pack you are using, but you also can choose any color they offer.Finally you can move onto another project or click order. If you have missed an element they will give you a popup message in which you can fix it or if you don't care if that one shows up, you can ignore it. I highly suggest the membership. You pay half as much for your pages. $6 a page, which is competitive to other DS programs, and because you are not buying kits to give more options, but have automataic access to them all, in the end you are saving money.
So go check it out, it is very well worth it!! I have two friends that sell CTMH, please go through their websites if you do no already have a consultant.
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  1. How awesome! Thanks for this info! Great post!

  2. Thanks so much Tonya, I appreciate it :)